Author: Jason Sims

How to group your different loans into one?

The grouping of several credits into one reduces the amount of the different monthly payments. An attractive transaction offering more short-term purchasing power and a lower debt ratio. It is a response to overindebtedness. However, this redemption represents a cost that must know how to evaluate, to determine if the operation is winning. What is […]

Home Loan at Second Mortgage

What is a second bond?   Second mortgages are very similar to the first mortgage you use to buy your home. The main difference for the second mortgage is, however, the fact that a second mortgage is secured by the assets of your first mortgage and is based on the amount of shares you accrued […]

What Type of Payday Loan for a Home Add-On?

Refinance Your Mortgage If you’ve been living in the home for a few years, you probably have more shares in it that can be used to pay for the addition. Depending on the cost of the add-on, you may make monthly installments on your new loan that are very close to the amount you may […]

Equity Home Improvement Loans

HELOC A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is a variable-rate credit line that works similarly to a credit card: You use it when you need it. For example, if you determine what your home improvement project will cost $ 30,000, you approach a lender and ask them to approve a loan for that […]

Debt Consolidation: Is This the Right Step for You?

  It’s easy to underestimate how stressful chronic debts can be on a person. If you spend some time learning about the process, you can find real relief. The tips shared here can help. Learn more at Talk to the creditors if you use a credit counselor or a debt consolidation agency. You can […]